About the British Experimental Academy of Pingxiang

(known as International School Campus Pingxiang Experimental School)

Rich Heritage. Cultural Inspiration. 

The British Experimental Academy of Pingxiang is the international division of Pingxiang Experimental  School, an independent school situated in Jiangxi province, Central China. The school was founded in 2003 as the largest of three independent schools opened in the city of Pingxiang by the Shenzhen Dongsheng Education Corp., comprising of pre-school, primary, junior and senior divisions. Currently, we are made up of 12,000 students, 650 teachers, and 350 staff. Our four campuses span 190,000 square meters, with 136,000 square meters of the building.

Liberal Education. All-around Excellence.  

For three consecutive years, Pingxiang Experimental School has ranked first in the Pingxiang Regional Secondary School Athletics Championships, and have come on top for many years in the Pingxiang standardized examinations. We hold a variety of events every year, including The Voice of Pingxiang, Food, Art and Science Festivals, Parent-and-Child Sports Games, 10K Cross Country and Basketball Competitions, Triathlon, and the School Guinness Record.

World School. Global Citizens.  

Founded in August 2014, the British Experimental Academy of Pingxiang offers students of Grades 0-12 a truly diverse and global education based on the very best of both the Chinese and English education systems. As of July 2015, we are a Cambridge International School and an authorized Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) Test Centre offering A-Levels (Center NO: CN629). In February 2015, we signed an agreement with the Essex County Education Board to facilitate extensive cooperation in areas including overseas campus construction, curriculum development, examinations and assessments, textbook inflow, student exchange, and teacher training. As of Dec 2017, we are the first Oxford International AQA Examinations approved centre (Centre No 96037) in Jiangxi. As of Mar 2018, after becoming the Edexcel Centre, we are the first and only A-level school authorised by the three GCE major Examination Boards, that is CAIE, AQA and Edexcel in Jiangxi.

Progressive School. Modern Facilities.

We are situated on 99000 square meters of land, with a building area of 76000 square meters. All classrooms and dormitories are elevator accessible and equipped with state of the art facilities. Our campus houses a 600-seat concert hall, 120 square meter café, a football pitch, tennis and basketball courts,  1.2 kilometres of bicycle lanes, an indoor pool, stadium, gym, English Village, golf training ground and full-size sports field.

Comprehensive Support. Sincere Welcome. 

As an international school, we have a living area dedicated to international teachers which are fitted with western-style apartments and modern facilities. All teachers and their eligible dependents (spouses and children under the age of 16) can enjoy the comfort of free accommodation, food, and numerous other benefits provided by the school. Currently, we are looking for international teachers to bring to our friendly and dynamic team a passion for delivering high-quality education to our motivated students.




2014年8月创办国际部(0-12年级),即萍乡实验英伦国际学校并于2015年7月获得剑桥大学考试中心CAIE 授权认证成为江西省首家剑桥国际学校,实施A-level项目。2017年12月获得 Oxford International AQA Examinations 牛津大学国际AQA考试局授权成为江西省首家牛津AQA考试中心编号96037。2018年3月获得Pearson Qualification & Assessment培生国际资质与评估部授权成为 Pearson Edexcel Centre爱德思考试中心编号 91951, 至此萍乡实验英伦国际学校成为江西省首家也是全省唯一一家获得英国GCE三大主流考试局同时授权, 三大课程体系并行并同时参加三大考试局国际考的A-level国际学校。2017年1月第一届毕业生赵辰希同学被Times泰晤士报世界大学排名第一的牛津大学提前无条件正式录取,这是江西省首位被牛津大学录取的高中生。2018年8月第二届毕业生易南帆同学被牛津大学正式录取,连续2届毕业生成功考进牛津大学创造了江西教育绝无仅有的傲人成绩。

英伦国学校校园占地99000平方米、建筑面积76000平方米,教室和宿舍都配有电梯。还有600座音乐厅、120平方米咖啡厅, 足球场、网球场、篮球场、1200米自行车道,室内恒温游泳馆、室内体育馆、600平方米健身房、600平方米英语村、棒球场、高尔夫球训练场、运动场等